Your guide to Jordan’s treasures…

As fate would have it, the careers of two university graduates took them to Amman, Jordan – a country rich in culture, history and art or should we more precisely say a country known for its unconditional hospitality, unique architectural remains and diverse art scene (from the Byzantines to Islamic art), and, on a more microscopic level, you’ll come to learn about the locals’ joys of dabkeh (traditional dance), ka’ak w chai (tea with biscuit), daily labneh and zaatar breakfasts and the old Jordanian tales, which make up the core of what it is like to truly experience Jordan. In this blog, we aim to bring to you everything that is Jordan – to intertwine you with the social fabric of its society and to offer a guide to its breathtaking landscapes and the country’s hidden gems, which you’re unlikely to come across elsewhere.


As for us, a Palestinian-Jordanian partly raised abroad and a European drawn to the region, this blog is our chance to take an unconventional route to exploring a country, whose beauty remains, to many of us living outside the Middle East, unrevealed, and to truly discovering this country without a fixed plan, but a camera in hand and an intense curiosity for the world and people around us.


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